Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm back!

I'm back to full strength and I feel so much better!

It's like I come back and find I'm not only welcomed back on some of the teams,

I am welcomed with open arms!

I'm amazed and humbled that Anna's Attic, Fiona Devils Creations,Heathers Devine Dezigns,

Rabid Designs,Tyger,Wickedlittlecupcake and a few others welcomed me with open arms and

Loads of Love! All my sisters of the heart.

Thank you!!!

I love you all!

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Leaf

I was removed from some of my CT teams because I've been really sick.
I fully Understand why I was removed and I thank Rissa and Sassi for allowing me the opportunity to get to work with their kits!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I love Me Some Soxie Weston kits and all her CU stuff, we had a difference of opinion and went our seperate ways. Just Know Mz Sox I will Always love everything you do and you! *smooches*

Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Tut

Mask Tut

Select a paper from a kit you want...

and a mask you like to go with the tube you've chosen

take the paper into your psp, DUPLICATE it Shift+D,

close the paper now go up to layers, and click "new mask layer"..
Hosted on Fotki

right click on your layers pallet and Merge Group.

make sure to uncheck *invert mask data* Click ok, you should see this.... Hosted on Fotki

And this is what you get:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I made 10 creative teams this past year.
FiDevil's Creations
Rabid Designs
Heather's Devine Dezigns
All of these amazing ladies have given me a chance to prove to myself that I can do something, it's not everyday that So many come to your attention through different means and bring so much into your life!
I was in a bad place in my life, just surviving 2 heart attacks when i made a few of the teams, Just got on a few recently.
but it all means so much that they have given me the chance and the challenge!
Thank you to

Rissa *rissaSdesigns
Sarah Fiack *wicked little cupcake*
Fiona Cox *fidevil*
Heather*sports* Smith
Amy Marie
Melissa Hook *Rabid Designs*
Melissa Jorgensen *DzinesbyMelz*
Witchysheart both the owner of the ART Store and a scrap maker

Originally Posted 7/12/12
Ok I got blown away again

It never ceases to amaze me that you do something for someone and they give you a kit or such.
It's like WOW. Totally mind blowing experience and it makes me proud to be a "snitch", IF i can save enough out of disability to get a tube or kit here and there SO can they!
  • Now that being said. IF they can't then DON'T.... but don't share either because YOU WILL be caught!!
  • If I had the money I'd get a lawyer for all the scrap kit makers and FIGHT you for the MONEY THEY LOSE, because you are greedy stupid people!!
  • GO Steal an NFL Logo and share it and watch the NFL come down on your ass! OR better GET caught stealing from a store and POOF your ass goes to jail!!
  • You think because these kits are online and the tubes are online it's "Fair Use" YOU sucker DO NOT know the meaning of FAIR.
  • Fair Use is NOT and can NOT be used in the case of PTU kits and tubes!
    Don't make me laugh at your stupidity any more than you have to!!!

  • Original Date of post 4/13/12
    Blown away Twice

  • I am not posting the tag or links as the store owner is not online at the moment

    Again I got blown away. Sunday I was on facebook and had to brag about soxie giving me her blood purple kit as mentioned below, Well, Creationzbywitchy's Heart said She'd welcome me to her team, I being still in shock didn't realize she meant the store team also.
  • The Kit I fell in love (or lust) knowing my smart ass.. was Purple Passions.
  • I'm still in Awe of the generosity and heart of the Paintshop Pro Community and the stores and owners that work so tirelessly to bring US the taggers the tubes and kits that we LOVE to use So I was "playing in PSP today and this is what I came up with, also found at ART in the freebie section: Mrs Homer Lynn... I made this one with papers and cat from the kit! and Mrs Homer Lynn's Work, BE SURE you get a license to use the free art as well! It's really not much to ask to work with this gorgeous tube!

  • Originally Posted 9/14/2012
    A Shock

    Well I was joking around on facebook, and I saw a new kit by soxie and said if money weren't so tight I'd have that kit! Well she had me in tears, she messaged me with the kit, as I'd done something twice for her. Lord knows I do it for all scrap kit makers so it just floored me when she gave me that particular kit!! Holy wow! Soxie thanks for having faith in me sweetie! HERE IS THE KIT and a tag :) made with her kit and ADI artist Ralph Macrey:
    you can get the tube HERE THE TUBE IS DUE OUT OCT 1.... it's coming soon :)

    Original Date of Post 3/19/12
    Thanks to Kelley
    Since forever she's put up with me, asking this and why that! Pestering and bugging and just giving her conniption fits, girl has the patience of a lilyputian!

    Original Date of post, 3/19/12
    5th Post
    Well today I did a strange thing. lol yeah like what else is new right? Well I emailed about something and got my reply so now I can do what needs to be done! Big shout to Linda! Thank you!!

    Big Thank you!!!
    To Sarah! for the header and help with the layout on this blog! SHE'S AWESOME!

    Date First posted 2/12/2012
    Post # 2

    Ok Was messing around with a good friend and she said why don't you CT for fi? go for it yahoo her! I said I don't have her on yahoo, well she said add her and gave me the yahoo to do so, well one thing and another I got to talking to fiona and "we hit it off" She loves my smart ass ways!

  • HEY no one said I was a good girl now! So she sent me a link and showed me her kits and said which one do you want to work with? Well I'm also ADI CT lady so I asked her if she knew of a free beach kit, Well she sent me her Summer Fun kit. WOW I cried because I wasn't expecting that!

  • Date first Posted, 1/24/12
    First Post

    I was talking to a friend on yahoo messenger and she said "why don't you be on a ct for ADI?"
    I said how? She said well since I'm the manager just send some tags you've made to Linda and myself.
    So I did! Exactly 23 days ago I became a Creative Team Member for ADI... Artistic Dreams Imaging!!
    I was nervous but Linda, Kim, Kari,Sezy, .... well they made me feel welcome like a little alien that's lost!